Have a beard, shave and then notice stubble is different?

Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.
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Have a beard, shave and then notice stubble is different?

Post by Sam » Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:54 am

So, I am not the strapping young man who can grow a beard in 2 weeks anymore. Thinning hair on top, lots of grey in my beard. Have had a goatee for a long time, but just recently, shaved a beard down to a goatee, Had the beard some 13 to 16 months or so. Anyway, had been using a Harry's multi-bladed razor. Gary lent me a Razorrock Hawk SE razor to use. Nice, it provided audible feedback. Had three day growth and the Kai Mild blade tore through it, nice. But subsequent shaves, little stubble on the bottoms of my cheeks and then base of my neck. Nothing bad, but even after blade buffing, still a little stubble. Nothing you can see really, but feel, yes. Used a new Feather Professional in it today, and less stubble, but still there.

I wonder if going with a DE and a Feather or Personna med prep blade (my trusty blades before the beard) would change the result. That is, since I have more white and grey in my beard, has that changed the complexion or makeup of my beard to the extent that this is as good as it gets, rather than baby butt smooth? then again, I don't have to shave tomorrow and could pass in court, as instead of a black shadow, you would have to get right up on me to see growth really.

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