Do I need a boar brush?

What kind of shaving brush do you use? Tell us all about it!
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Re: Do I need a boar brush?

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What brands of boar brush have you had, Paul?

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Re: Do I need a boar brush?

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Here's a review of the Semogue 2000 brush I posted on Vintage Scent about 8 years ago ... iews_id=46

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Re: Do I need a boar brush?

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I just had a really goood shave with my Omega 48 "professional".

I have 4 brushes, 3 badgers, no synthetic. With animal based brushes, there is always the stink in my experience to get rid of. After that badger brushes don't change any but remain the same.
Boar brush needs to have hairs split. I remember some using hot hair drier, but not sure if it worked or just many shaves in case of my Omega.
Then it will become the gentlest of brushes ever. Perhaps too gentle.

Boar brush needs some soaking of water that badger does not and is in general more a soap hog. So if you are economic or don't use a lather bowl perhaps a smaller badger is better or maybe a synthetic.

I do like my Omega 48, took some time to break it, but now it is perfect, if maybe too large.
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