Posting Photos on SMF updated

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Posting Photos on SMF updated

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Current information, as of January 15, 2022:

Question: When I use the upload attachment tab below the field where I type my post, the photo shows up as an attachment and is labeled as such. Do I upload to the gallery that has been referenced very often several years ago first then pull it into my post or is there a more direct way to post my photos?

Answer: Once upon a time SMF used a versatile photo gallery. Unfortunately, the gallery is a thing of the past. Now it has become necessary to either attach your single photo to a post using the attachment pane, or to host them somewhere on the web and link them into your post with the IMG tags.

Here on SMF, the composer's attachments pane is unreliable in that it will cope with one image perfectly well, but if you add more than one photo it forgets the first and so on. It lets you do it, and it might even preview it OK, but the final post will always be a disappointment. If you want to make a post with multiple images, they must reside elsewhere on the web and be linked. Then you just paste in the image address and place image tags around it. If you need somewhere to upload your images, there are free options. Your ISP probably offers you some web storage along with your connection, and it is easy to use ftp to place image files there, Or you can use a third party like Flickr or others.

Please note: If I've posted any erroneous, confusing, or outdated information, I hope Admin/Mods will keep it updated as necessary.

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Re: Posting Photos on SMF updated

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thanks for the update
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Re: Posting Photos on SMF updated

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I think you have it right, Gary. I cannot change any of that, which would involve waking the dragon (the one called Vince).
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