The sensitive skin and a big Welcome to you all:)

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Wellcome to the forum.
DE shaving is an acquired skill. Learn it slowly and you will be fine. It is not instant as my experience about 2-3 months before able to ditch cartridge razors.

Your iridium blades are good if they are the real ones, they have been faked too by chinese. Your Wilkinsons, german these days i think are not too bad either. And all our skins are different. If with a thin skin a really sharp blade lke Feather is a no no.

EDIT I just noticed you are a not a new one, sorry about my advices at this stage, you wont need any ;)
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Re: The sensitive skin and a big Welcome to you all:)

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I was looking for something and stumbled on my first post.

Still the best and most detailed advised given to me is here

Very really these days people ask for technique which is success to every shave! It’s all chase for getting best hardware and software to improve shave. Technique and consistency is nowadays forgotten. Staying faithful to one set, improved my shaves. Having sensitive skin this journey was full of pain but it paid off

For last 4 years I had been 1 razor man with Pils razor as daily driver and Feather Portable on occasion before PIFed to friend. 3 brushes and 2 soaps

Each time I shave I obey advise given here
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Re: The sensitive skin and a big Welcome to you all:)

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Jack, I agree whole-heartedly with your comments about exercising patience while learning to get the most good out of the existing products by refining our technique through experience that results over time.

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