My first shave with the Moss scuttle

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Chris, my brushes are a small Rooney style 2 and a Simpson PJ1 and I lather cream on my face; I would think that the small scuttle is what I should purchase. Is Sally close to Halifax? I'll be there overnighting on my way to Newfounland in August and would prefer to pickup my scuttle directly from Sally if possible.
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Sally is based in Tatamagouche, on the North Shore - directly across the Northumberland Strait from Charlottetown, if that helps. It would be a two hour drive each way from Halifax, but only one and a half from the airport. She loves customers to drop in, but best to call ahead to ensure she will be there. You would be able to pick your scuttle personally that way; they are all slightly different.

For those brushes you would definitely want the small size.

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