Who taught you to shave?

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Who taught you to shave?

Post by azilnik »

What's your story? I'm sure everyone has their own.
When I was almost thirteen, my dad taught me how to shave before my Bar Mitzvah (Jewish ritual when a boy becomes a 'man' at 13). I didn't get the hang of it and my dad had to go on business trips frequently, so it was my brother that really taught me. Very wrongly. Years later, I figured out that I was shaving wrong, and found out about DE shaving and this site, and now it's me that's reteaching my brother proper shaving techniques.
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Post by notthesharpest »

I learned to shave with an electric. Nobody taught me anything about it when I was a kid. I only really learned shaving here. So... a big thanks to everybody here, for the information and for the opportunity.
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Post by brderj »

notthesharpest wrote:I learned to shave with an electric. Nobody taught me anything about it when I was a kid. I only really learned shaving here. So... a big thanks to everybody here, for the information and for the opportunity.
Pretty much the same exact story. :D Thanks for the help guys!
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My step-dad taught me when I was 12. he told me to put baby oil of all things on my face and then a washcloth w/hot water. I used a Gillette trac-2 razor and barbasol shave foam, the products certainly have changed! I shaved like that for about 10 years before I switched to a Norelco electric razor :oops: I just recently switched back to wet shaving thanks to the discovery of this forum. You guys are all great \:D/

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Post by divotmax »


My Granddad taught me how to use a straight, and my Dad started me with a GEM SE razor. I later moved to a DE. I spent time using injectors, electrics, and most everything else, and always came back to blades.

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Here'show I got started.

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notthesharpest wrote:I learned to shave with an electric. Nobody taught me anything about it when I was a kid. I only really learned shaving here. So... a big thanks to everybody here, for the information and for the opportunity.
same here.
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Post by Steve-o »

Me. Which ought to tell you just how simple Gillette made shaving. :wink:

As other guys have pointed out, here really is where I learned how to shave.
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Post by CapeCodJay »

Got an Electric because I thought that was all I could use with my poor skin.

Thank God I saw the light!!! :wink:
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Post by jpolaski »

I was raised by a single mom. I taught myself. Then you guys did. You did a better job than I did ;)
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Post by custom410 »

My Dad only taught me in that he said one day " you need to shave". I tried everything, to not such great results, through the years. Then, as others have already stated, I re-learned proper technique through great advice from members here and at the old Wetshavers forum.
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My father taught me to shave with a Trac II and a can of Barbasol. A neighbor and a leather worker at a nearby saddlery taught me how to use and maintain a straight razor. Proper prepping of the face was a hit or miss proposition for me until I found these boards and the SRP boards.
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Post by NiksaNovovic »

For me I think that it was a combination of my grandfather, my father and myself. I remember my grandfather lathering up with a brush some time when i was six or so. I was so fascinated. Both my father and grandfather used a DE and I think my dad still has it in his bathroom drawers. My grandfather passed away about two years ago and I would really like to find the razor and continue to use it. For some reason my dad switched to cartridge razors and canned gel. I never really thought about that before and had forgotten about that razor. Thanks for reminding me (in a roundabout way)! I also taught myself with cartridges and canned foam and have had my eyes opened by the wonderful gentleman at this forum. A heart felt thanks goes out to all of you! =D>
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Post by Johnnie »

No one really taught me to shave until Vince created this site. I'd have to say Gordon, Dr. Moss, Charles from QED and Vince taught me to shave.

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Post by rtaylor61 »

Gordon and Don (from the MSN group). They assisted in my learning "proper" wet shaving" and quality products. BTW, Gordon, with all I have spent on shaving products, my bankruptcy attorney will probably contact you to put a value on the warehouse of shaving products I have... :shock:

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Post by GollyMrScience »

Dad did a pretty good job with what we had. Gillette Techs and Gillette adjustables but it was cream in a can put on by hand. Still used hot cloth prep but canned goop and no brush. Relather between passes. Cold water at the end and an alcohol aftershave. Switched to cartridge razors after college. Never happy with it and went back and forth between cartridge and DE.
Search one day to get some confirmation that DE shaving was better than cartridge brought me here where the brush and good soaps etc have expanded my options and made shaving fun.

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Post by ead »

My dad taught me, but it wasn't that good, I have learned most of it my self and by using all the sites on the net like this for using a DE and straight
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Post by Minstrel »

jpolaski wrote:I was raised by a single mom. I taught myself.
Same here. Used cartridge razors and canned goo for the most part.
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Post by jbc »

Anyone ever have a pop that used a wonderful old double edge while you thought that you could do better? How many of us are fleeing electrics? Boy wasn't I stupid all these years, had I jsut listened to pop and did what he did I would never have had all of these problems all these years.
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Post by drumana »

I got a basic nuts and bolts lesson from my father using disposables - moved on to electric - then Mach 3 - then SMF and other online resources, especially Leisureguy
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