Moon Soaps - 'Old School' and 'Sorrento'

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Moon Soaps - 'Old School' and 'Sorrento'

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Whilst prowling the Interwebs for tallow-based soaps I came across 'Old School' and 'Sorrento' by Moon Soaps. The description for 'Old School' reads:

"Before anything was mixed into the pot, we knew what this soap needed to be. Huge amount of tallow, like soap used to
be. A deep, rich scent - complex and timeless. We wanted this to be an all around amazing product - how it looks, how it
smells, how it performs. Our anchor and our cornerstone supporting the rest of our line."

"Notes of tobacco play on top of vetiver, leather, mahogany and sweet vanilla. A manly and truly 'old school' fragrance."

Needless to say I was hooked and I purchased a container of each (along with some Le Pere Lucien 'Oud - Santal'). I've been using them both for about a month now.

In short, these have found a place in my Top Ten of Favourite Soaps. They smell great, provide fantastic lather, and I really enjoy the face feel. The large tubs provide ample room for loading the brush, which is not really an indication of the quality of the soap but this does add to the quality of the shave. These are on my "buy again" list.
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