Asylum Rx Seconds -Save $130 off MSRP

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Asylum Rx Seconds -Save $130 off MSRP

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We have a few specials this week headlined by the Asylum Rx Seconds. These razors are slightly out of spec but, it does not effect the shave. When there is no blade inserted into the razor, there is a small amount of play between the two pieces of the razor head. However, with a blade inserted, it locks down and shaves as it should. We are selling the seconds for the unheard of low price of $87.50 -A savings of $130 off MSRP. Grab one while you can.

Other Specials include:

Gillette Platinum DE Blades -35% off Regular Price

Asylum Rx Surplus Handles -only $37.50 -Rocnel, Barbaros, Boellis Panama, Savonniere du Moulin, Asylum Shave Works and so much more.

- Phil
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