Posting Guidelines: please read!

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Posting Guidelines: please read!

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We would like to make plain some rules that we expect our guests here to follow. Shavemyface is a forum primarily about shaving, and while we all enjoy some off-topic material, we do not want it to cause harm to the spirit of this community.
So please read the following carefully:

1. All posts containing political or religious discriminatory content will be deleted. We can ask the poster to do it, or simply do it with a reason why. The same applies to posts containing pictures or text that we consider offensive to our readers.

2. All threads started outside Off-Topic have to be primarily about shaving. Otherwise they get moved to Off-Topic.

3. Members expressing views that promulgate hatred or intolerance of religious, ethnic, sexual or political groups should be banned.

4. Vendors are asked to make all posts that constitute self-advertisement in the Shopping Forum. If asked in another forum about your products, you may, of course, reply. We are strict in enforcing this. Vendors may include one link to their business in their signatures, but in no case should a vendor include any other link that leads directly or indirectly to their business in any post outside the Shopping Forum. Members who resell supplies/items for profit will be considered as vendors when posting for this purpose. Vendors may not send 'spam' private messages to other members as a form of self-advertisement.

5. This is a private club to which you belong at Vince's invitation only. He is under no obligation to provide you with a platform for free speech on any topic at all. You may call that censorship if you like, and please do then leave and create your own shaving forum. We expect members to post in a gentlemanly fashion and to conduct disagreements in a respectful fashion. If you receive a warning private message from a moderator please take note of it, as you may be banned for persistent disregard of these guidelines. Banned members who rejoin under a new name will be rebanned when detected, nor are others allowed to post messages on behalf of banned members. Members are not allowed to open more than one membership account.

6. We don't ban people simply because they are banned at another shaving forum. Nor do we forbid mention of banned vendors. The only exceptions to this are that we will instantly ban anyone, vendor or private individual, who has been banned elsewhere for dishonest sales and trades, and we will forbid the recommendation of a known dishonest trader, vendor or business of any sort to our members.

7. No administrator or moderator of SMF may review an item, even a sample, they have been sent without cost. Similarly, we expect any well known member who recommends a product or service to only do so when he has paid for it in the normal way.

8. The 'Richard I Clause' - if you persist in posting in a fashion contrary to the expectations of a gentlemen's forum you will be banned without notice. For example, even one instance of 'Rick rolling' that links to malware will get you banned instantly and permanently, and posting defamatory remarks about SMF, its members and management elsewhere will be viewed similarly. You are here as guests, so don't abuse the privilege.

The Admins and Mods of SMF