Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

What kind of fragrances do you prefer?
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Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

Post by Nate »

Are these quality products in regards to other products available? Or are they for Tabac fans that just love the scent?
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Post by cjc15153 »

The aftershave isn't a magical blend of herbs and oils if that's what you mean: it is a standard brace and burn splash.

My father likes it all around, I prefer something milder, but I do like how it smells.

If you don't like the scent, then I don't know why you'd buy either.
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Post by Nate »

I absolutely love the scent. I may get them just because of that. If they are quality products that would just be a bonus.
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joe mcclaine
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Post by joe mcclaine »

There are (much) better things out there to splash on your face after your shave, but if you like the scent then fill your boots.
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Post by Nate »

Okay, I feel like I am getting the general consensus. So, lets change the topic, without actually doing so, to what aftershave/cologne product would go well with Tabac. This might be harder because from what I've read Tabac is rather unique.
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Post by 95% »

Nate, I think Tabac shaving soap is about the best there is. Performance is outstanding, and the scent is unique and luxurious. Like most soaps, the scent doesn't last long after the shave, so you can use any aftershave or cologne that you like. Unless your skin chemistry is unusual, there is no need to worry about compatibility: the aftershave or cologne will predominate.
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Post by JarmoP »

I myself cannot use any of the Tabac products, except the soap. 3 drops of AS splash applied on my face will reminder of it whole day, upsets even my concentration I think. Tabac deodorant spray is a real stinker, it is actually an EdT.

I could imagine that going to a smoky nightclub, except smoking is now forbidden, so it is history too. But someplace where there are lots of smells, to compete with yours, lol.

What works well for me is Tabac soap shave and rinse with warm water, cleaning my brush and razor, rinsing with cold water and then Speick AS splash application on the towel dried face. Únlike Tabac AS, Speick contains more natural ingredients like speick plant extract, witch hazel and lavender oil and it has potassium alum. It is MUCH more effective as a soothing/healing aftershave than Tabac.
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Post by murchmb »

I find the Tabac AS to work fine. More often than not I reach for it after using the shaving soap. It isn't the best performer out there, but it works well as an end to a good shave. I sometimes mix in a dab of Corn Husker's lotion if I've had a less than stellar shave.
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Post by KAV »

I'm resurrecting this thread rather than start a new one. Cross indexing the Bay Rum posts was hard enough :lol:
I was gifted the Tabac original EDT today. It's been around since 1959 unchanged and I can appreciate why. This is a very sophisticated scent and has a life of @ 5 hours on me. It takes a little care on application. To much and it can overwhelm both wearer and others. But just the right amount and it's a moveable feast of different scents as it dries down.
I like it, another addition to my 'wardrobe.'
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Post by fatcity »


I have found a great difference between the EDT and EDC. The EDT (in the spray bottle) had a much different scent (and in my olfactory ineptitude, I couldn't possibly begin to describe it). The EDC is on par with the aftershave and soap.

Perhaps it was just my experience, but I bought the EDT looking for the same scent I get from the soap, and was disappointed.
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Post by Ouchmychin »

I believe you are asking the members of this forum to advize you about the choice of a second product as well. I think you need to find what you like, because so many choices will not appeal to everyone. There are differing tastes in this area and many different fragrances amont respected aftershave/cologne/edts. We have here the Anglophiles that prefer most scents from GB. Others like different types. Do you want scents related to Tabac or from an different slant? I think you might enjoy reading reviews over at They have a forum just to help beginners on these issues.
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Post by Dave_D »

I couldnt speak referring to the A/S as I havent used it. I can say that the edt and edc are 2 very different scents, with the edc being closer to what the shaving soap smells like if that is what one is looking for. The Eau de Cologne is a go-to for me.
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Post by KAV »

I post risking racial profiling or whatever isn't politicaly correct. But are there national or ethnic scents?
I do love my british products. Woods of Windsor on top of Trumpers rose soap is a country stroll past a celtic hill fort with sheep grazing, a local giving directions in keeper tweeds and a Dunhill pipe while the wife tends her english garden in bloom.
Sandalwoods are Lakme, british soldier and indian love, khaki and curry.
The french give us Guerlain and Creed, rich like the food, bold like a Ravel premier until played a few times and partly understood.
My limited german experience; Tabac and Alt Innsbruk are bold at the start like a prussian general. He goosesteppes away quickly and the bavarian foot soldiers march behind, wishing they were in the mountains picking edelwisse breathing in cold mountain air and sipping peppermint shnapps from silver flasks.
We americans have Old Spice, or did: It's Dad saying the Beach Boys are O.K. but If I smell Dragon Noir or hear that Dylan wierdo you're grounded.
It's all good, and different. You just have to try them all, like Thai food for the first time.
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Post by atrac »

Tabac EDC smells a lot like Jovan Musk.
Tabac EDT smells like a box of candy or tutti fruitti gum.

I definitely prefer the EDC.
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Re: Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

Post by usarab »

Je ne peux pas parler de l’A/S car je ne l’ai pas utilisé. Je peux dire que l'edt et l'edc sont 2 parfums orientaux très différents, l'edc étant plus proche de l'odeur du savon à raser si c'est ce que l'on recherche. L'Eau de Cologne est pour moi une incontournable.
J'aime pas l'eau de cologne car ça me pique après le rasage. Du coup, je préfère mettre directement de l'edp
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Re: Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

Post by kronos9 »

Does this translate to "May I borrow your coconut?" Sorry about that, no insult intended. I know a tiny bit of German but zero French.
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Re: Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

Post by EL Alamein »

Popped in here to see why this old thread was resurrected and saw the post by KAV. Been a while and he's missed. Hope he's doing well.

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Re: Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

Post by Shave4Fun »

I love the TABAC aftershave as an EdT
Use mostly in cooler weather

I've been a wet shaver for 56 years! 8)
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Re: Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

Post by drmoss_ca »

I've used Tabac for 47 years! Not every day, obviously, but I do like the scent. I also enjoy the rather different scent of Tabac shaving cream, which lasts on your skin long after the shave is over (just as C&E Sandalwood cream used to do).

"Je n'ai pas besoin de cette hypothèse."
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Re: Tabac After Shave and Eau De Toilette

Post by Bill_K »

I have fond memories of the scent of my Opa’s (grandfather’s) Tabac AS. It’s one of the reasons I still use it and the soap; performance and scent being the other two.
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