Shaving permit???

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Shaving permit???

Post by razorburned »

I just came across this auction on the bay for 'shaving permit buttons' from the 70's....they look neat (especially the bottom right which says 'Brothers Of The Brush' on it)...can anyone explain WHY you would need a permit to shave in this country? I could understand maybe in some of the more restrictive countries in Africa or Asia, but Michigan? ... 518ee804c0
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Post by ChemErik »

I'd guess it's a permit to shave others for money, not to shave your own face. Either that, or wearing such a button may have allowed access to getting a barber-shop shave a some special event.
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Post by rsp1202 »

Coincidentally, I ran across these just recently:



Must be a convention in town.

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Re: Shaving permit???

Post by M6Classic »

razorburned wrote:I just came across this auction on the bay for 'shaving permit buttons'
Good Lord! The next thing you know they'll be shaving tarpon and marlin! Sheeeesh!

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Post by ThePossum »

The name of the auction you linked to explains it all. Up until the 70's it was a custom in small town America for a community to issue "shaving permits" to those men in the town who chose to shave during a centennial, bi-centennial or some such landmark celebration in the town. For most celebrations like this the men of the town would grow beards. At that time there were not many guys who wore facial hair like there are today.

Usually cost a couple bucks, the money going to the organization that was sponsoring or coordinating the community celebration.

The guy who shaved was to wear the "shave permit" button when he was out and about in his community. Failure to do so could result in a fine if the fine could be collected.

This is really nothing serious. They were actually unenforceable. But it was a way of making some money offset the cost of the celebration and to have some fun doing it.

My own community celebrated it's centennial in 1974 and I had to buy a "shave permit" and wear the button or at least keep it in my pocket to show anyone who would ask to see it. Cost me all of $2.

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Post by swarden43 »

Interesting stuff, Bryce. Thanks.
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Post by DEF »

It appears that Tulsa's "Brothers of the Brush" is a bi-annual competition to GROW facial hair, not to shave it.

I guess that "brush" then refers to the beard itself and not to the shaving implement. Leave it to Oklahomans to get it bass-ackwards.
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