Simpsons Astor 90th Anniversary Brush - NEW - SOLD

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Simpsons Astor 90th Anniversary Brush - NEW - SOLD

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I purchased 2 of these, and use one all the time. This one is for sale for $210 shipped in North America. <<-- SOLD


All original packaging including the inner tissue paper. It is #48 / 90
Base showing the numbering
Base showing the numbering
IMG_2426.jpg (807.16 KiB) Viewed 776 times
2-band loft
2-band loft
IMG_2425.jpg (1.01 MiB) Viewed 776 times
With original box
With original box
IMG_2424.jpg (1.41 MiB) Viewed 776 times
Description and specs

The Astor is a classic Simpsons shape that has been out of regular production for many years. To commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the brand in 2009, the Astor was offered as a one-time Limited Edition collectors' shaving brush. Only 90 individually numbered brushes were produced. It is immediately recognized by its faux horn handle, gold ink, and two-band super badger hair.

Total Height: 110 mm
Handle Height: 59 mm
Loft Height: 51 mm
Knot Diameter: 24 mm

$210 Shipped in North America.

... Steve
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Re: Simpsons Astor 90th Anniversary Brush - NEW IN BOX

Post by TheMonk »

PM sent, Steve!

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Re: Simpsons Astor 90th Anniversary Brush - NEW - SOLD

Post by river1 »

Darn, that is the brush that I have been looking for.
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